About Me

Having qualified in Garden Art and Design at RHS Harlow Carr I decided to channel my energies into what I love best, growing beautiful seasonal flowers.

I was inspired to set up Pear Tree House Flowers after joining Flowers From the Farm, the national association of British flower growers. I am now the regional coordinator for Yorkshire and the North East.

In 2014 I started selling bunches of flowers at the garden gate. We have just extended the cutting garden for the third year running as demand for flowers that are locally grown in their natural seasons has increased.

Customers often tell me how they evoke childhood memories of a long forgotten person or place; lavender, mint and roses all take me back to the first garden I played in.


About My Flowers


Our season starts in April with lots of different bulbs-scented narcissi, tulips and muscari. Followed  by a wide variety of country flowers grown from seed in addition to herbs, grasses and perennials. Sweet peas, roses and dahlias are some of the most popular blooms.

Many of the flowers are chosen for their scent and changing beauty as they develop from emerging buds to fully formed blooms and seed heads.

My Little Helper

Rye spends just as much time as I do in the field, whether she is helping me or not! 

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Seasonal cut flowers

"Sown and Grown in Ilkley"

By Claire Clark

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